• Blair Waldolf

A self-appointed Queen Bee, Blair is bitchy, beautiful and self-absorbed.  She begins the series in love with Nate Archibald, but as the series progresses she finds kinship in the most unlikely of places; Chuck Bass.  Despite her selfish ways Blair has a certain charm, and, at the very least, is certain to be wearing the latest fashions.

  • Serena van der Woodsen

Considered a “wild-child” among the upper-east, Serena is beautiful and carefree.  Despite her friendly nature, she is often careless, and does things that get people hurt.  She has dated almost everyone on the show, including Dan, Carter and, of course, the infamous fling with Nate that led to her demise.

  • Nate Archibald

In the book Nate is portrayed as a pretty-boy pothead, but his on-screen character seems to be portrayed rather differently.  Of all the characters he is one of the nicest, but seems to lack decision that leads him to trouble.  He dates Jenny and Blair, as well as numerous other flings, but it is clear that Serena is the one that got away.

  • Dan Humphrey

Another twist from the book, where he is a chain-smoking, coffee-guzzling poetry nut, Dan comes across as friendly, if ultimately gullible.  He is rather preppy in the TV show, but there is still the notion that he doesn’t really fit in with the richest of the rich.

  • Chuck Bass

Possibly the biggest shock; in the series of books Chuck Bass is gay, arrogant, and has a pet monkey that constantly resides on his shoulder.  In the television show he is still arrogant and good-looking, but definitely not gay, and as the series progresses his role in the show has grown.  While he was originally considered a soulless player, he has fallen for Blair and seems to be on the straight and narrow…for now.

  • Jenny Humphrey

Little J; the nickname stayed the same, but the appearance didn’t. In the book she is short, curly-haired and big-breasted; in the film; blonde, thin and a fashionista.  However, she is artistic and original, has that urge to fit in and please Blair, and has that odd crush on Nate.

  • Vanessa Abrams

In the book Vanessa is bald!  She is arty, weird and completely in love with Dan.  As far as character changes have, she got the overhaul.  By comparison, in the television series she is still considered a bit “odd” and has a friendship with Dan, but also hangs out in the same circles as the rest of them and goes to the same balls.  Of all the characters she is the most original and appears to be smarter than the rest too. Except perhaps Dan.

group of young people, both female and male

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  1. Em
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 11:57:28

    Serena I think has the best character in Gossip girl. Atleast she’s my character. Shes super sweet, funny and also plays the bad girl at one stage. She’s not a sooky, sooky like Blair.


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