• Ellie Linton

Ellis is the narrator the Tomorrow series and the leader of their group.  She and her family live on a farm in the country town, Wirrawee, next to her friend Homer’s farm.  It’s her idea for a camping trip into Hell, which results in them becoming a guerrilla group who fights the enemy.

Her best friends are Homer and Corrie, and at the beginning of the novel she invites Lee along because she has a crush on him.  Lee and Ellie have a romantic relationship, and although they stay friends, the relationship doesn’t last.

Ellie survives the war, but is shot in the leg and briefly taken into POW camp.

  • Homer Yannos

Homer, who is Greek, has the farm next to Ellie’s and they spent their childhood growing up together.  He is often lazy and immature, but the war changes him and he often takes on a leadership role.  He has a crush on Fi, and they begin a relationship in Tomorrow, When The War Began.

  • Lee Takkam

Lee is probably the only member of the camping group that everybody doesn’t know.  Lee is Asian and his parents own a restaurant in Wirrawee.  He is smart, strong and quiet and he has a romantic relationship with Ellie.  However, after he finds out that his parents were both killed he becomes cold and distant, and even puts them in danger when he has a brief relationship with a teenage enemy, Reni.  After the war he takes custody of his younger siblings, moves to Stratton and starts an accelerated academic course.

  • Kevin Holmes

Kevin is the boyfriend of Corrie, which is how everybody in the group knows him.  At the beginning he is immature and headstrong, but the war makes him strong and reliable.  At the end of the first book he takes Corrie to the hospital after she is shot, where he is beaten and taken to a farm where he has to work as a slave.  Eventually the group rescues him and he aids them in their guerrilla attacks.  At the end of the war he moves to New Zealand where he gives talk at schools.

  • Corrie McKenzie

Corrie is the girlfriend of Kevin and Ellie’s best friend, who she has known her entire life.  Corrie is shot at the beginning of Tomorrow, When The War Began and taken to hospital.  It isn’t until Darkness, Be My Friend that Ellie discovers that she has died.

  • Robyn Mathers

Robyn, who is deeply religious, is the person in the group who is most against the idea of guerrilla attacks.  However, she becomes incredibly useful when she rescues Lee after he has been shot and tends to his wound.  Robyn dies in The Third Day, The Frost, after she kills herself, along with Major Harvey, with a grenade so the others can escape.  Out of everyone Robyn is considered to be the most courageous.

  • Fiona Maxwell

Fiona, aka Fi, is a “townie” who is smart, beautiful and posh.  Although the group believes that she is different from them she fits in, and fights along with them throughout the entire war.  She develops a relationship with Homer, but it doesn’t last.  Fi is the only member of the group who gets a reunion with her parents, albeit briefly, when she sees them in Darkness, Be My Friend.  After the war she moves to Stratton with her parents.

  • Chris Lang

Chris isn’t a member of the camping group, but they discover him when during a raid on Wirrawee soon after they discover the town has been taken hostage.  Chris is lazy and often drunk and high and almost costs them their lives when he falls asleep on sentry duty.  In The Dead of The Night Chris decides to stay in Hell while the rest of the group explores, and when they return he has gone.  It isn’t until weeks later that they discover him dead in his crashed car.

three teenagers, lying on the ground under a tree

Characters from The Tomorrow Series-(image taken from

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