• Twilight-2005

Twilight begins when Bella moves to the dreary town of Forks to live with her father, Charlie.  She soon meets the mysterious and attractive Edward who appears to detest her on sight.  However, they soon beginning talking and fall in love; even after Bella learns that he is a vampire and thirsts for her blood.


After Bella and Edward begin dating she meets his “vegetarian” vampire family, and although the majority seem to be happy for them, the beautiful Rosalie hates Bella immediately.


When Bella joins the Cullens on a baseball game out near the mountains they are interrupted by three nomad vampire; vampires that feed on human blood.  The leader, James, immediately thirsts for Bella’s blood and, as a tracker, begins to prey on her.  While Esme, Rosalie, Carlisle and Edward stay in Forks to track he and his mate, Victoria, Alice, Jasper and Bella flee to Jacksonville.  However their plan doesn’t succeed when James lures Bella to him, pretending to have her mother as hostage.  Although he tortures and bites her, the Cullens arrive in time, Edward sucks out the venom and Bella survives.


  • New Moon-2006

New Moon starts with Bella’s birthday, which leads to Jasper trying to suck her blood, ultimately causing Edward and the Cullens to leave under the guise that he no longer loves Bella.  Bella spends a large part of the novel in a depression, until she meets up with childhood friend, Jacob, while they repair old motorbikes together.


However, Jacob begins to change on Bella and transitions into a werewolf as part of a pack on the La Push reservoir.


The novel comes to a head when Bella tries cliff diving, which Alice sees and thinks she has tried to kill herself.  Edward is told and heads to Volterra where he wants to be killed by the strange and all-powerful Volturi.  Alice and Bella race to Italy to stop Edward in time, and in turn they all have to face Aro, the leader of the Volturi and the consequences.


  • Eclipse-2007

In Eclipse Bella has to face the decision to pick Jacob and Edward; Jacob, now a werewolf, detests the Cullens and their decision to turn Bella into a vampire like themselves.


At the same time the threat of Victoria, the nomadic vampire from Twilight, looms over them as Bella and Edward complete high school and Bella struggles to stay friends with Jacob (who is in love with her).


The novel finishes with a fight between a newborn army that Victoria has created and the wolves and Cullens fighting side-by-side.  However, Edward and Bella, along with wolf Seth, have to face Victoria and sidekick Riley to survive.


Although Bella and Jacob share a passionate kiss before the fight, Bella chooses Edward and tells him that it may be best for them not to be friends.


  • Breaking Dawn-2008

Breaking Dawn is divided into three parts-Bella’s perspective, then Jacob’s and finally Bella’s again.  In book one Bella learns about the immortal vampire children of the past, and the consequences that their makers had to face.  Edward and her are married and they have their honeymoon on a tiny island (a present from Carlisle to Esme) which results in them making love for the first time.

However, Bella soon realises that she is pregnant and Edward and her rush home.


In book two we learn about the struggles that Jacob is going through and how he will attack the Cullens if they turn Bella.  He breaks off into his own pack, along with Seth and Leah and they eventually team up with the Cullens when they learn that Bella is dying from the rapidly growing baby inside of her.


Book two finishes when Bella gives birth to the vampire/human child, who tears its way out of her body.  Bella has to be turned by Edward to survive, and although Jacob hates the child on principle when he lays eyes on her he imprints, causing him to fall in love.


In book three Bella and Edward spend time between the cottage built for them, spending time with their child Renesmee and teaching Bella how to be a vampire (who manages quite easily to resist drinking blood from humans).  Charlie meets Renesmee and accepts Bella although she has changed and Jacob continues to spend time with Renesmee.


However, Renesmee is aging alarmingly fast and the Cullens are worried that she only has a short life span.  At the same time, another vampire sees Renesmee and thinks she is an immortal child, causing her to go tell the Volturi who decide to launch an attack against the Cullens.


The Cullens organise a group of miscellaneous vampires they are friends with, many of whom who have supernatural talents, to take on the Volturi.  However, when they meet and learn about Renesmee’s nature they do not fight, and Bella’s supernatural gift proves to be the most important of them all.


Breaking Dawn finishes with the vampire/human that Alice and Jasper have tracked down, and they learn that Renesmee will reach a certain age and then stop aging-making her immortal like the Cullens and Jacob.

twilight books-twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn

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