• The Awakening

In The Awakening, we are introduced to the characters; Elena, Stefan, Damon, Matt, Bonnie and Caroline.  Elena, the ice queen of the school, immediately falls for Stefan but he appears to not be interested at her.  It isn’t until he rescues her from Tyler who sexually attacks her that they begin a relationship and she learns of his true identity as a vampire.

At the same time, Damon, Stefan’s evil brother, also returns and is behind the killings that are happening in Fell’s Church.  He also tries to seduce Elena (who looks like their past love Katherine) but fails; her refusal causes him to kidnap Stefan, whose disappearance causes the town to think he’s behind the killings.


  • The Struggle

In The Struggle Elena, with the help of her witch friend, Bonnie, finds Stefan down the bottom of a well, almost dead.  Elena offers her blood and despite Stefan only drinking animal blood, he accepts.  This starts the blood exchange that the two regularly endorse in.

Caroline, who hates Elena, steals her diary and attempts to read it at the Founder’s Day ceremonies; revealing the truth about Stefan.  However, Elena takes it in time, and her and Stefan become engaged.

Elena tries to return to Stefan’s after fighting with her family and Damon, but on the way home the bad weather causes her to crash her car and die, turning her into a vampire.


  • The Fury

The Fury begins with the new Vampire Elena finding Stefan and Damon fighting for the death.  Due to her confusion of being turned she attacks Stefan for trying to kill Damon; it isn’t until later on that she realizes that what she has done.

At the same time a large pack of the town’s pet dogs are attacking people.

Katherine, who had faked her death 145 years ago, returns and is quite unstable.  She captures Damon, Stefan and Elena with the full intention of torturing them.  However, Elena escapes and pushes Katherine into the sun; both are without their protection and subsequently die, Elena telling Stefan to look after Damon for her.


  • Dark Reunion

Dark Reunion is told from Bonnie’s perspective, who is having increasingly traumatic dreams about Elena in The Other World.  Her character expands greatly and she starts a relationship with Matt.  At the same time someone is killing people and Bonnie attempts to summon Stefan and Damon, but she is still unsure whether Damon is evil or not.

Through library research they discover that Tyler is a werewolf, and they lure him to the graveyard, thinking that he is behind the killings.  However, he tells them that Katherine’s maker, Klaus, has returned, is behind the deaths and has captured Caroline.

They soon learn that the only thing that will weaken the incredibly strong Klaus is White Ash wood.  However, when they try to kill him they realize that it is a trap.  Stefan fights with Klaus, almost dying but then Damon arrives and proves his loyalty and fights Klaus; the two brothers destroying him.  When Bonnie screams for Elena she appears as a mist, and then she is granted her wish and can return to the world.


  • The Return: Nightfall

When Elena returns for a long time she is unable to speak or walk, but as time goes on she improves.  At the same time peculiar things are happening to girls in Mystic Falls, and Caroline is one of them.  Bonnie, Damon, Stefan and Elena soon realize that they are being possessed by the demonic presence known as a malach.

However, after they free the girls from the malach Elena learns that Damon has kidnapped Stefan and put him in a cell in one of hell’s dimension.  Elena soon realizes that that Damon too has been possessed so she rips the malach out of him.

Elena uses her golden wings that she received when she returned from the dead to fly and capture one of the malach.  She starts to torture it until she receives the key that will set Stefan free.  However, the malach tells Stefan that to receive a psychic map of where he is he has to have his memory of the past few days wiped; Damon agrees, but it means he will not remember his redemption.

A few days later Caroline learns that she is pregnant and she says that Matt is the father.


  • The Return: Shadow Souls

Elena along with Bonnie and their friend, Meredith, enter the Dark Dimension where Stefan is hiding but they have to act as Damon’s slaves.  As they continue along in a dimension where the supernatural walk free, but humans are slaves, Elena realizes that she does have feelings for Damon.  At the same time Matt is trying to find the demons in Fell’s Church that are causing the town to fall apart.

After they return they find a mysterious flower that was sent from the demonic kitsune that Stefan met in the Dark Dimension.  Although the gift was for Stefan, Damon smells the flower first, which causes him to revert back to a human.


  • The Return: Midnight

In The Return Damon has to learn to be a human again, while Elena and Stefan work on their relationship.  At the same time the trio have to fight against the demons that are taking over Fell’s Church.  The Return: Midnight is set to be released on March 15th 2011.

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