In case you didn’t read the title, if you don’t want to know what is coming up in the series, STOP READING IMMEDIATELY!!

For those who are still with me, and as avid fan of the show as I, I have shocking news-this season, someone is going to die.  And not just pretend “oh i was wearing my special ring” die, or even “well im a vampire, whoops!” die either.  Proper die.  As in, no longer on the show and getting a pay check die.

What the real question is, of course, is WHO?? We can safely assume it’s neither the Salvatore brothers (imagine a Vampire Diaries world without Damon?!?!?! Actually, don’t, it’s too painful), or Elena, since they are kinda the whole point of the television show.  That leaves…Matt, Caroline (who, in fairness, technically has already died this season), Jeremy (ditto), Tyler or Bonnie.  Did I miss anyone?

Now, truthfully, I think I’d like Jeremy to go, because his whole wa wa me thing is getting old, but then we’d have to deal with at least 5 episodes of Elena being depressed her brother is dead yada yada yada, which would be boring.  My suggestion?  Matt.  I know.  Sad.  But I think that Katherine (yes that fly in everyone’s ointment), will go after him when she finds out Caroline isn’t doing her biding for her…which in turn will cause Caroline to snap and end in a vampire girl-on-vampire girl fight. Entertaining.


(Vampire Diaries-Damon (Ian Somerhalder, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and

Stefan (Paul Wesley)-photo taken from

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