For all those Lord Of The Rings fans out there, you would know that there is a prequel to the epic series.  Not as gory, not as dark, and definitely not as good, The Hobbit still delivers laughs, beautiful images, and best of all, a great storyline.  The story is how Bilbo Baggins, Frodo’s uncle, got the ring in the first place, and how he met the incredible wizard, Gandalf.  It should be noted, that while a legendary quest occurred, Bilbo, in true Hobbit style, didn’t actually want to go…

Now that that has been covered, to the news.  The Hobbit will happen. Yes. It is going to be turned into a movie.  Two movies actually.  Peter Jackson has confirmed that he will write, produce and direct the project, which will consist of two movies.  Jackson will be working with MGM and Warner Bros. and production begins in New Zealand (ah that tiny land will have another claim to fame) in February.  Considering all the ups and downs this project has been through (mostly down, including Guillermo de Toro staying and then leaving) I’m doubly psyched for it to be underway.  What does everyone else think?

Writing, the hobbit, on a country-side background

The Hobbit (image taken from