Now, for anyone who has been living under a rock and doesn’t understand this concept that is the Twilight franchise, Kristen Stewart plays our beloved Bella, providing fame, a career, money and a boyfriend in Rob Pattinson.  You would think she should be happy? Hahahaha, no.  Because that would mean she would be grateful.  (I know, I know.  Ouch.  But I don’t like her.   She can’t act and she bites her lips too frequently.)  ANYWAY, according to the director of her new movie, The Rileys, Kristen is sick of Twilight and isn’t proud of her work in it:

“[Kristen’s] been playing this same character in…what?…two or three movies now, and that frustrates her…She wants to be taken seriously as an actress-and the crazy thing is, before Twilight, she was doing that kind of work…She’s very proud of her work in this movie.”

This is understandable, but don’t you think if Kristen wanted to be in films that were “good-quality” she’d act better in the Twilight franchise?  The only person she can’t be proud of is herself and it’s her acting SHE can improve on.

Plus, if she wants to be replaced I’m sure that could be arranged.

What are twihards thoughts on this?  Are we pro or negative on Kristen?

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