Wow.  Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries.  Amazing. And heartbreaking.  Where do we start?  The fact that Mason is now dead?  That shocked me (although truthfully during the torture scene I was wondering what would happen when Damon was done…would he just walk away?  Not likely.)

Secondly, Jenna stabbing herself. WHAT?!  Although it should have been noted that should was acting as spy when she caught out Stefan and Elena. Hmm…Will she be told about all the supernatural activity going on?  At the moment it kinda seems she’s the only person who is in the dark.  And how did Katherine manage to compel Jenna over the phone?

Thirdly, what is going to happen with Matt?  Was my earlier prediction that he would die correct?  And what would that mean for Tyler? So many questions!

Fourthly, and most importantly, Stelena are no more!  Now, I have always been a Delena fan and am still secretly hoping that Damon and Elena will fall madly in love etc etc but last night cut me up!  It’s one thing for them to break up because he’s being a fool, it’s something completely different if they have to end their relationship unwillingly because of a crazy ex.  What I thought was most amazing about this scene was Paul Wesley’s acting.  To be honest he’s acting never really jumped out at me (but then he’s good looking enough to just stand there and pout…which he does a lot when I think about it..) but the boy does good quality anguish.  He manages to cry without looking fake and he really pulled at my heartstrings.

So now what?  Will Matt die? Is Stelena forever buried, and will Katherine get her way and end up with Stefan?  What is going to happen to Damon and Elena?

SO MANY QUESTIONS-damn cliffhangers!

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