Kevin Williamson, whose touch turns everything to gold, has just signed on a three year deal with Warner Bros.  For those of you having a bit of a mind blank (or just have no idea who on earth I’m talking about) Kevin Williamson is the genius behind such masterpieces as Dawson’s Creek and our much beloved Vampire Diaries; his trademark style is that witty fast dialogue that sexy anti-hero Damon often uses.

Warner Bros. have been smart enough to make friends with Kevin whose also behind the screenplays of Scream 1, 2 and 4 and with the big guys behind him will begin work on something new…

BUT don’t stress.  He will continue to create Vampire Diaries with co-creator Julie Plec and with Warner Bros. helping the funding things are looking good for our beloved Stefan, Damon and Elena…

What do you think?  What should Kevin get into next?

kevin williamson co-creator of the vampire diaries

Kevin Williamson-(image taken from