Well, last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries is no different from any other-shocking revelations, killer cliffhangers and some TRULY heart-wrenching moments.

Firstly, the Originals.  Who are they, and why are they so powerful?  And if they are so awesome why are they working for Klaus?  For L J fans out there (or anyone who has read the book section of this blog), Klaus was the big bad vampire who taught Katherine to be the crazy psychopath that she is-and when he comes to town it almost kills BOTH of the Salvatore brothers to destroy him.  So when he pops up in the series (which he inevitably will) its going to be very…eep!

Speaking of Damon and Stefan, this episode really showed how much they have bonded…despite the fact that they both love the same girl (again. and that she is again a Petrova doppelganger. hmmm).  Poor Damon.  Ah that anguish when Elena is running down the stairs and he thinks she’s running to him and then realises no…she was looking at Stefan.  And then how he tells her that he loves her and then TAKES THE MEMORY AWAY!! Damn you writers, damn you Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, why do you have to be so cruel?  But I would like to add that Elena (who is definitely Elena this time, no pesky Katherine playing pretend) didn’t say anything negative, mostly because she was in shock…but it could be a positive for a few things.

Now. The Petrova doppelganger.  And that whole time Katherine (aka Katarina) was one?!?!  Does this mean there will be a bonding between the two girls (unlikely but still), and if they are the doppelgangers who is the original?  And why are they so hellbent on breaking the curse when they have their shiny protective rings? Ahh!!

Final small note…did anyone else feel something between Caroline and Tyler?  Or was that just me…

PS I would like to add that I thought that we weren’t going to end on a cliffhanger this week and the VD people would be nice.  Instead we’re left with Damon’s confession and Elijah coming back to life (although NOT that surprising, if vampire lore has taught us anything, its that the undead are REALLY hard to kill).

PPS Next episode is based on Katherine’s flashbacks about when she was turned.  Should be interesting…