The next episode of The Vampire Diaries is titled Katerina and we get to see Nina Dobrev do some incredibly acting work.  She plays Elena, Katherine, Elena and Katherine talking to each other, Katherine as a human and Katherine in Bulgaria (remember, Nina is Bulgarian and is fluent in the language).

Below is the preview for what it is in store and it looks like EVERYBODY is terrified-including all the vampires, good and bad alike…which can never be a good thing.

Sadly for us vamp lovers however this is the last episode before a two week hiatus.  Understandable, because we don’t want our beautiful vampire boys looking run-down and haggard, but it does mean we’ll have to wait.  And both executive producer and Nina Dobrev have said that it ends on a HUGE cliffhanger (big surprise there).

At least the Katerina episode looks jampacked with action. Have a looksie below and let me know what you think!