Well, last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, titled so aptly Katerina, definitely brought on the drama.  And just an added note, kudos to Nina Dobrev.  She did olde english, full on Bulgarian, modern day Elena and skeletal Katerina (and even when mummifying she is GORGEOUS)

First off, Damon and Rose getting together. WHAT?!?!?! Somewhat suspected yes, but still outrageous!  Shouldn’t he still be mad at her because she tried to use Elena as a bargaining chip?  Or can he really “switch” it off and we are going to see some full on baddy Damon in the future?

Secondly, poor Jeremy!  To be honest I’ve never been a big Jer fan but he’s been much better this season, less my life is so hard etc etc and I was hoping something would happen between him and Bonnie.  But then she met the ultra pushy Luca, whose Dad is a super baddy (or being compelled, but that seems unlikely)

Perhaps what are the two big points of this episode for me doesn’t really have to do with the storyline.  Firstly, Stefan (who might I add looked EXTRA delicious last night.  He had less Edward Cullen hair going on and more “I just rolled out of bed and naturally look this sexy” hair.  MUCH better) who showed vulnerability with the whole “my brother loves my girl” thing.  Beforehand I always got the impression that he didn’t really care about Damon, in the sense that he knew that Elena wouldn’t fall for him.  Seeing him ask Caroline if THAT’s where she was showed a side of him that made it obvious how much he loves her, and that he isn’t perfect after all.  Do you agree?

Secondly, and most importantly, we learned that Katherine DID use others to stay alive, but she didn’t turn evil until she found her ENTIRE family slaughtered, simply because she had escaped.  If that won’t turn a girl mad nothing will.

Just as a recap we now know that the Originals are freaking difficult to kill (impossible even?) They have their sparkly rings so daylight doesn’t affect them, neither does Vervain to a huge effect.  Staking gets you nowhere (just makes them more angry) and they can compel other vampires.

And considered that Klaus is considered the super daddy of these scary vampires well…EEK!  Wonder what will happen to our lovely trio?  And will one of the sidekicks, Tyler, Bonnie or Caroline, die because of it?

So many questions! and we’re got two weeks to think it out guys.  Thoughts?

PS.  Did anyone else think that Ian Somerhalder had buffed out somewhat since the last time he’d been de-robed on screen?  Either way, it was nice to see his him sans shirt!

vampire diaries-paul wesley, nina dobrev and ian somerhalder

The Vampire Diaries-(image taken form http://www.image.com.com)