As any young female (like ourselves…sorry boys!) who like attractive famous men, you’ll know that PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive
title has been revealed and their latest edition is chock full of sexy men.

Unfortunately, none of the stars of our favourite shows or movies make number one, as that honour goes to Ryan Reynolds (who has one it for the second year in a row! Greedy! But also, imagine the offspring he and Scarlett Johannson will hopefully produce one day!).

HOWEVER, both our vampires Stefan and Damon (or, more commonly known as Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder) made it into the magazine, with some delicious photos.

ian somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder-(image taken from

The above picture of Ian shows off his gorgeousness, but he also talks about how he is most relaxed when he wakes up in his fur-covered bed, surrounded by all his pets (and no, I am not going to make a pussy reference).

In a bonus interview you can find on the People website (which I don’t encourage looking at, it takes ages to load!) Ian says that he finds “warm intellect” attractive.  So basically girls, act smart (the dumb blonde thing stopped working years ago) but be your lovely selves at the same time!

paul wesley

Paul Wesley-(image taken from

As you can see from above, Paul is also bringing sexy back.

To Paul fans, looks like it’s time to bring out the eye make-up and use it to maximum effect!

Perhaps what is even funnier though is how Paul noted that whenever girls talk to him they always compliment him on things he has no power over…like his hairstyle on the show.  Which seems quite accurate when I think about how the last post about The Vampire Diaries I wrote was mostly about Paul’s hairstyle change…

Who do you think should of won People’s sexiest man honour?