So I realise this post is MONSTROUSLY late and I apologise profusely for it, but I saw Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.  And what is my opinion?  Honestly…undecided.

I think that the movie had its good and it’s bad bits.  Overall, it’s probably the best of them all, with the except of the first one and that’s largely because the first one is 60% excitement over the wizarding world (fun times all round!) And while I understand that the storyline is very depressing, and I have no problem with that in the book, 2 and a half hours of sadness really does get you down.

So overall, I’ve written what I think is the good, the bad and the WTF?!?!

The Bad:

  • Why is this hardly any mention of Albus Dumbledore?  I know that he is dead and therefore isn’t ACTIVELY a big character, but I really think finding out information about his past is important.  It’s interesting, and more importantly, although it makes Harry angry for not being included, it does show him (eventually) that Dumbledore wasn’t perfect and, unlike Harry, he didn’t have friends for help when he needed them most.
  • The wedding, or lack therefore.  I know it’s not a necessary part of the movie, but I just loved the wedding chapter in the book and it encompassed all that was fun about wizards.  In the movie however it showed about 30 seconds and then it was back to depresso land.

The Good:

  • Pretty much everything they did with Hermione.  Firstly, that heartbreaking scene where she erases her parents of any memory of her whatsoever.  So sad.  But very poetic.  Secondly, when we find out what Bellatrix was doing to her arm; craving MUDBLOOD into her flesh.  It made such a good point, and I really hope they back it up in Part 2 with Hermione telling Ron and Harry about her she isn’t ashamed for being a muggle born.
  • The Deathly Hallows scene.  It was a bizarre choice to use a cartoon (of sorts) for the story scene but I loved it.  It was far more interesting than a flashback, which when done badly looks like a horrible scene from a history channel, and it broke up the dark dreariness of the overall movie.
  • Dobby’s speech.  So sad, but so perfect!

The WTF?

  • All that chemistry going on between Hermione and Harry.  For instance, when they are dancing.  Did anyone else get a vibe there?  As my friend pointed out they probably just put that scene in there so the entire movie wasn’t sad, but it was still beside the point, and went against the whole “I think she’s like a sister” thing that Harry says.  And then that Horcrux scene when Harry and Hermione kiss..or that’s what happens IN THE BOOK.  Instead, they decided to vamp it up a bit, and Harry and Hermione were NAKED, and were they about to get it on??!?!?  Left me speechless!!

So overall that’s my opinion.  What’s yours?  Do you agree, or was I just talking nonsense?

harry potter and the deathly hallows

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows-(image taken from