I know.  I know.  Harsh.  But this is Taylor Momsen, a la Little J of Gossip Girl fame, we are talking about.  As in bad acting, tantrum throwing, racoon eyed Taylor.

As fellow GG fans would know, the fourth season is about to kick off and the first half is blissfully absent of Jenny and her hypocritical ways (I mean really, no Queen Bee?  What is wrong with the girl?!?!) and rumours were circulating it was because Taylor had been BANNED from Gossip Girl.  I agree, I did not actually think that were possible, but I guess it is.  Well, the rumour mill had spitted out that because Taylor was acting like such a pain in the ass, and that since her character is rather disposable, the writers cut her out until she got her act (tehehe) together.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.  No, Taylor will not be airing our screens for quite some time because she will be performing for her band, The Pretty Reckless, as they tour America.  Sadness for us because she will return, but more sadness for those who will be at her concert and have working ears.

Do you guys agree?  Or am I being too harsh?  What do you think of her singing and acting ability?  So good that she can behave in any way she likes?

taylor momsen

Taylor Momsen-(image taken from http://www.cdn.picapp.com)