Or boys who are in touch with their feminine side!

I had a party on last weekend and I thought to myself “Maybe I can try the same look Elena, aka Nina Dobrev, from The Vampire Diaries has going for her.”  What could possibly go wrong?  She’s beautiful, and I deluded myself in thinking that if I had the same eye makeup as Elena then maybe I could nab a hottie like Ian Somerhalder.

Well…that DIDN’T happen (shocking, I know) but I did achieve the look I was after, and all thanks to this awesome video blog I found on Youtube.  This girl, known  as ForeverYours0727 did the entire thing as a tutorial and was AMAZING.

Now, just for the record, even if you’re not a Vamp Diaries fan, or are happy with your makeup doesn’t mean she doesn’t have something for you.  Want curly hair?  Straight hair without a straightener?  Or even the look that Taylor Swift has going for her in her Love Story video clip?  Just check out her clips!

I know this post doesn’t have much to do with books or movies or television shows, but every now and then a girl needs some help to look her very best, doesn’t she?

God bless the internet.

Check out the link and video below.