I am a terrible person and I have given a bad name for all the fellow Potterheads out there.  I’m very sorry.

With all the crazyness that is Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows I forgot to put our favourite redhead, Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley, in the spotlight.  Dan and his odd ways, yes.  Emma and her drinking habits yes.  But Rupert? Nada. Nothing. Zip.  And for that I am truly sorry, particularly since he is frequently the most interesting character in the films (except when he gets all grumpy and mutinous with the death eyes of course).

WELL now he is in the spotlight.  Rupert is in a new film called Wild Target, which is an English comedy based on a similar French movie made in 1993.

The basic storyline is about an uptight assassin whose life’s goal is to please his formidable mother.  All goes well for him until he falls for one of his intended victims, Rose (played by Emily Blunt).  Rupert plays the unexpected apprentice, and he and Rose tag along believing the assassin to actually be a private detective…

Basically, as it is an English comedy expect funny lines, lots of slapstick and possibly a wacky car chase or two.  It’s out now, so anyone who has seen it should tell me what you think!

wild target

Wild Target-(image taken from http://www.thatwasjunk.com)