Here’s three things you may or may not have known about Rob Pattinson, star of the Twilight series:

  1. He’s currently filming for a movie that ISN’T Twilight.  He’s set to star as Jacob (haha the irony) opposite Reese Witherspoon in the film, Water For Elephants.  The film is based on a novel of the same name, written by Sara Gruen, and it is about Jacob’s experiences when he travels with a circus during the Great Depression and how he falls in love with Marlena (Witherspoon), a star performer who is also married to the schizophrenic animal trainer, August.
  2. He is the fifth richest Brit under thirty, after the Harry Potter trio and Keira Knightly, with an estimated 18,500,00 pounds!  Yet he still dresses like a bum who can’t afford soap…Oh well.
  3. He actually ENJOYS kissing Kirsten Stewart.  I know that seems somewhat obvious since they are dating in real life, but perhaps it felt he had to make it clear considering how unlikeable she seems to everyone else.
water for elephants

Water For Elephants-(image taken from