What EXACTLY did Katherine mean by that in last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, The Sacrifice?  Did she just want to stir up trouble (which she does oh so well)?  Did she mean about Stefan pretty much comdemning him to spend time with Katherine for who knows how long?  Or, and this is what I think is the case…did she mean it was a bad idea to allow Damon to effectively take his place by Elena’s side?

Well this episode had its highlights, including the chemistry that sparks between Damon and Elena and Elijah ripping out two vampires hearts (they really don’t seem that invincible anymore do they?).  However, it was clearly a bridge episode…leaving us salivating for next week’s episode, and the final before the mid season break.

The Sacrifice dealt with a whole bunch of relationship issues; Bonnie and Jeremy, forbidden but they both want it, compared to Bonnie and Luka- a fellow witch who is using her but might see his downfall when he grows feelings for her…

Katherine and Stefan; they are sharing a tomb together, should make for an interesting time together…will Stefan realise he has feelings for her, or will they just kill each other (hmm…).

Caroline, Tyler and Matt; one awkward love triangle, of sorts.  Caroline, now a vampire, left Matt because she didn’t want him to be hurt.  Now she’s helping Tyler before he begins the most painful night of his life (and goodness, they really do mean it’s a curse don’t they?) and Matt feels bad because he’s alienated both of them…and then he realises Tyler’s being hanging out with Caroline.

So does Matt have a point?  Will we see a non-platonic relationship bloom between the wolf and the vampire?

Finally, Damon and Elena.  You’re all thinking it.  What will happen without Stefan (sorta) in the picture?

Aside from the relationship statuses, we saw Elena try to play the hero, which ultimately means she tried (and thankfully failed) to  make herself a painful and final sacrifice.  Quite obviously, this doesn’t mesh well with anyone else.  Personally, I’m over it.  I can see where she is coming from, but it feels like Bella and Twilight all over again; she’s human but she wants to make a difference…we get it.  That difference might just not be a good thing.

On a final, yet not entirely necessary note, how nice was it to see Alaric in the buff? Matt Davis is getting less airtime,  but when he was on and really counted.


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