While we haven’t even had a taste of the third season of True Blood, the world being the unfair place that it is, the creators are already planning for season four, and have announced a whole bunch of newbies for season four.

So far they have announced that Christina Moore (Hawthorne), Neil Hopkins (Lost) and Chris Butler (The Good Wife) will be joining the cast and will appear in numerous episodes.  I don’t know much about these actors but I do know that these shows ARE critically acclaimed, which does make a difference, although Lost did go a bit odd towards the end…(what am I talking about?  Lost was always a bit odd)

While it appears they are going to keep us guessing, we can try and figure out what characters they will be playing…

If the fourth season is going to stay similar to the book, Dead To The World, then we can expect Sookie and Eric to finally get it on after he loses his memory, a whole bunch of witchey business, an ugly ex-girlfriend, Debbie Pelt, and Jason missing for the large majority of it.

So, my guess is that Christina might play the bad-ass witch that took Eric’s memory and perhaps one of the boys will play her sidekick?

What are your thoughts? Happy with the new blood for season four?

christina moore

Christina Moore-(image taken from http://www.theblemish.com)