Well…if you do, you’re wrong.  Very wrong.  Sorry.  But what I DO have in store for you will lighten the load, because you’ll realise you are not truly insane.

First example.  Just out of interest, anyone a fan of Rob Pattinson?  It’s hard not to be.  He’s attractive, rich and quite literally the walking, talking version of the oh-so-sexy Edward Cullen from Twilight.  Well…what if you had the chance to have a one-on-one romantic dinner with him (or as romantic as it can get considering he’s in a relationship).  The only catch?  You have to pay, though the money does go to charity.

So maybe a couple of hundred right?  For a special evening of course.  And if he showered and stopped dating that horrible Kristen Stewart possibly even a thousand?

Well, one fan was so enthralled she paid 80,000 DOLLARS to meet and greet.  Yep you read that right.  To put that in perspective, here are some things you could spend EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS on.  At least 40 pairs of designer, beautiful shoes.  Two relatively expensive cars, or one ridiculously nice car.  A round the world trip, stopping at most countries, for yourself and all your friends.  A deposit on a really nice house.

Yet this girl chose to spend it on a date with Rob Pattinson.  It really does come across as needy doesn’t it?

However, if you thought she was mad (she is, let’s face it) example number two is even worse.

Now, as far as I gather most readers of Set In Motion are big potterheads, am I right?  You go to the premiers, read the books religiously blah blah blah.  Yet you still understand that it is  FICTIONAL and neither the characters, nor magic in general, are real.

Not for one fan.  A man in the US who had LEGALLY changed his name to Lucius Malfoy (and of all the characters to be obsessed with…) wrote an earnest letter to Tom Felton, the actor who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film franchise.  Now let’s get one thing straight.  We all understand that Tom Felton is a real person and he is just playing Draco in the films, and the rest of the time he is just Tom, right?  Once again…not for this guy.  This man, now Lucius Malfoy, asked “Draco” to move to the US, live with him in his house and legally become his son.


Do you know any wacky fan stories?

rob pattinson and tom felton

Rob Pattinson and Tom Felton-(image taken from http://www.celebrity-mania.com)