Well, this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries seemed to bring up more questions than answers.  What is the deal with Elijah?  We spent the past four(ish) episodes thinking he’s this evil badass but now he wants to WORK with Elena, and what more, is allowing Elena to manipulate him to get her way.  Hmmm…

Basically for those who missed the episode (shame on you) Elijah has access to the house due to Jenna’s pesky habits of inviting the wrong people into the house but he didn’t attack or hurt Elena in any way.  Instead, he let her know that he doesn’t want anything to happen to her, and instead wants her as bait so that when Klaus returns BAM! Elijah can kick his immortal ass.

Now for the questions.  Why does he want to kill Klaus so badly?  What EXACTLY happened that caused them to fall out all those years ago?  And even if the opportunity does arrive, how is he going to do it?  As we have seen from his resurrection it is a lot harder to kill those originals than one thought, and Klaus is the biggest baddy there ever was.

Aside from vampires, we saw some interesting developments on the Tyler/Wolfy front.  Obviously it is really, REALLY painful to transition, which is something that never occurred in Twilight (although, we shouldn’t be particularly shocked…) but what is the silver lining in all of this is is that Caroline and Tyler have grown closer; even when he is at his strongest she see’s his most vulnerable side and still sticks around.  Awwww….

And on the witchy side of the story, what is the deal with Bonnie? She seems like a smart girl, yet she fell for the same fireworks spell that she herself used to trick the vampire brothers back in the first season…Whoops.  Perhaps she is just too in love with the mysterious Luka?  And speaking of Luka and his dad, why are they working with Elijah?  They appear to be bad news, yet Elijah has told Elena he only wants good to happen to her.  Right…

On the vampire front (again)  Elena and Stefan are still in love, despite Katherine’s sneaky (and VERY sexy) mind games, and Damon is still jonesing for the wrong girl.  We saw what happens to vampires when they get bitten (and this Jules character is very interesting all by herself…), instead of just dying the wound just festers and bubbles and is rather disgusting all round.

Sadly for us vamp fans though, this is the last episode for about six weeks, so that the stars can recuperate and celebrate this holiday season.  I know, no fair! Haha.  But let’s just be glad the cliffhanger wasn’t TOO intense.  Yes a festering wound is bad news, but it IS Rose who has it, and does anyone mind if she dies a slow death…?


PS.  Did anyone else notice that Damon has gotten a haircut?  Ahhh…

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The Vampire Diaries-(image taken from http://www.nypost.com)