I know I know I know.  Fanfiction often comes across as badly written, has nothing to do with the actual storyline and is often very gooey and romantic (as if we don’t have enough Mills and Boon stories to deal with as it is).  HOWEVER, I checked out a fanfiction website and came up with two great stories, based on the television version of The Vampire Diaries.

The first one, which is quickly turning into a novel, is called Is It Real and runs alongside the current episode of v. diaries.  It begins with Stefan and Elena’s break up. It’s in this version that just after they break up, Elena and Damon fall for each other when Bonnie accidentally puts them under a love spell…

While it definitely fulfils all the wishes of Delena fans out there, it also includes the action that is happening with Klaus and Elijah and the relationship that SHOULD happen between Bonnie and Jeremy.

Check it out at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6480535/1/Is_It_Real

Another one, a short story I’ve posted below simply because it made me laugh and reminds us that it really is all fiction (sad I know, but vampires AREN’T real).

What’s Slash fan fiction?” Damon asked leaning over Stefan’s shoulder, glaring at the computer screen. Stefan started, embarrassed at being caught in the middle of his favorite past time. “Uh, n-nothing.” Stefan stammered, a deep flush appearing on his cheeks. Damon read a few lines, his blue eyes growing darker and darker with disgust. “Oh my god! That’s disgusting!” He yelled, jerking away from his brother. Stefan stared at Damon in shock “Damon! I have no idea what -” “Oh, don’t lie! Is that your Pen-Name?” Damon demanded, Stefan shook his head furiously. “Oh, really? You’re saying you’re not 18DragonSlayer64?” Stefan’s eyes widened. “And what is this Vampire Diaries?” Stefan gulped and explained. They’re these books about a girl named Elena Gilbert and she falls in love with the mysterious Stefan Salvatore. Then learns that he and his brother Damon are vampires. And is torn between them. Damon shook his head “Impossible. And you’re writing incestuous slash fan fiction aboutus? I am your brother for Christ’s sake!” Stefan looked abashed. “That’s it! I’m outta here you little pervert! And when I go to bed tonight I’m locking my bedroom door!” Damon announced, stalking out of the room. He slammed the door with a mighty boom that shook the walls. Stefan twitched uncomfortably in the chair and chewed his bottom lip a moment before grinning. Stefan returned to his computer. Stefan paused, fingers over the keys on the computer “And he has no idea that I had a spare key made.” Stefan laughed evilly before resuming his typing.

This one’s written by Sweet-Deadly-Nightmare so thanks!

Anyone else agree that fanfiction isn’t all bad?

the vampire diaries

The Vampire Diaries-(image taken from http://www.images.buddytv.com)