So…since I’ve decided to add a Dexter section to my website, I thought that the best way to kick things off is with the news that has us all reeling (well I was at least).

Michael C. Hall, protagonist of Dexter, recently divorced from his wife, Jennifer Carpenter.  Jennifer plays Deborah on Dexter, and while the two were only married for about two years, she stuck by him when Michael went through Leukaemia.

Both say that the split was amicable and they have been separated for a while…but rumours are speculating that Michael was spending a little TOO much time on the side with fellow actor Julia Stiles.  Whoops!

Thoughts?  Do you think Michael is a cheater?  And will it affect the awesomeness of the show?

michael c. hall and jennifer carpenter

Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter-(image taken from