Why should I ask, of course we can’t!  More More More!

Well, fellow Vampire Diaries fans I have some good news…possibly.  Kevin Williamson is in talks about creating a “companion show” for The Vampire Diaries.  But don’t stress, they aren’t planning any funky spin off where Ian Somerhalder becomes a rogue vampire or any of that crap (what am I talking about.  Even if they did do that we’d still watch it for the Ian factor.  Am I right?)

Anyway…I lost track.  Companion show.  Right.  WELL  What Kevin has in mind (seriously, that man needs a cool nickname.  Any suggestions?)  is a story based at a college.  Some poor, unsuspecting girl goes to college where she soon finds out that the world is not what she thought it was bah bah bah,  Cue paranormal investigators, horrible and unexpected deaths and sexy men whom she begins a haunting love interest with.

Thus…why it is a companion piece.  Got alot of the same elements (note: cute sexy boys) but it’s own storyline.  Get me?

While usually the idea of anything based on something else horrifies me, this has me perking up my ears in anticipation.  Well, everything Kevin Williamson touches DOES turn to gold…(except that terrible Dawson’s Creek mishap, but we’ll forget about that).

Thoughts?  Do you agree and think this is a brilliant idea, or does it just sound like crap?

kevin williamson and ian somerhalder

Kevin Williamson and Ian Somerhalder-(image taken from http://www.hollywoodreporter.com)