michael c hall and jennifer carpenter

Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter-(image taken from http://www.3pictures.gi.zimbo.com)

As we are already well aware, Dexter co-stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter have filed for divorce after two years of marriage.

While everyone involved is saying that nothing happened between Michael and guest star Julia Stiles (note to self: to get Michael C. Hall in love with me I NEED to get a spot on that show…except I can’t act.  Hmmm…) and they broke it off due to “irreconcilable differences”, Jennifer still wants Michael’s moolah.

Why?  Well for spousal support and to pay for her attorney fees.

Hang on…So they are breaking up amicably, yet HE has to pay for her attorney fees, which insinuates that they can’t divide things up fairly.

And SPOUSAL support?  As in, I married you and I want something for it.  Right…although they have been married for less than two years and she can only get alimony checks for half that time.

Sorry, but WTF?  She can CLEARLY support herself considering that they met on the set of a high-profile, big-bucks show.  I wonder what Michael thinks about this…

Probably is best that he didn’t cheat on her…

Thoughts?  Do you think she deserves money because she stuck with him for two years?