For all those Vampire Diaries fans, you’ll know how they pack the show with good-looking guys (and girls.  Let’s not be bias here).  Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Matt Davis are to name a few…

Well, on the very slight off-chance that you didn’t like what was on offer, then you are in for a lovely treat.  And if you did appreciate what was on show, well…you’ll still like what is in store.

The VampiresDiaries have announced that there will be a new character who goes by the name Brady, who arrives in town and appears to know Tyler.  Whether he is friend, foe, werewolf or vampire no-one knows yet, BUT we do know that he is vveerrryyy attractive.  But let’s be honest, would they let anyone attractive anywhere near the set of that show?

Stephen Amell is a Canadian actor who  is set to play Brady.  If his name sounds familiar it’s because he has recently been in the spotlight after he was in contention for the replacement role for Spartacus.  The star of the show, Andy Whitfield, recently withdrew from the show after his recent bout of cancer returned.

On a more happier note, while Stephen didn’t win that role, he is to appear in our favourite show soon, so make sure to keep eyes pasted and let me know what you think!

stephen amell

Stephen Amell-(image taken from