• Frodo Baggins

Elijah Wood, an American actor born 28th January 1981 whose career started with a minor role in Back To The Future Two, plays Frodo Baggins.  Since the age of thirteen he has been a critically acclaimed actor and has since appeared in films including Sin City, Green Street Hooligans and Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.

In 2005 Elijah started his only record label, Simian Records and in 2008 he became the first person to cross Victoria Falls on ropes.

Since 2006 Elijah has been a well-known voice actor for video games and is the iconic voice for the game, Spyro The Dragon.

Fun fact: Elijah’s name means “the chosen one.”

  • Samwise Gangee

Sean Astin, an American actor born 25th February 1971, plays Sam Gangee in the LOTR trilogy.  Aside from playing Sam, Sean is most well known for playing Mikey Walsh in The Goonies, but has also appeared in films including 50 First Dates and Encino Man.

Aside from acting, Sean Astin also produces and directs.  In the past he attended the Crossroads High School For The Arts and graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in History and English.

  • Meriadoc Brandybuck

Dominic Monaghan is a British actor, born 8th December 1976, who is most well known for his role as Merry in the LOTR trilogy.  Aside from appearing in LOTR, Dominic has also gathered a following for playing Charlie Pace in the television show Lost.

Dominic was born in Berlin, Germany to his British parents and he continued to live in Germany until he was 11.

Dominic’s first language is English, but he can speak a little bit of German.  However he is most known for his talent to do impressions and accents with ease.

Dominic has seven tattoos and lives in Los Angeles, California.  He is a nature lover and has worked with animal rights activists PETA in the past.

He has been dating co-star Evangeline Lily since 2004, and despite a short break in 2007 they were reunited in 2008.

  • Peregrin Took

Billy Boyd is a Scottish actor, born 28th August 1968, best known for playing Pippin in the LOTR.  Aside from LOTR he has appeared in Master and Commander and the French film, Jusqu’a toi.

Billy is a musician as well as an actor and interested in many sports.  He is an avid surfer, holds a Grade 7 in foil fencing and a Phase 4 rank in both Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Kali.

He lives in Glasgow with his partner Ali McKinnon.  On 26th April 2006 they had their first child, son Jack William Boyd.

  • Gandalf

Sir Ian McKellen is an English actor, born 25th May 1939 who plays Gandalf in the LOTR trilogy.  He has appeared in both modern and Shakespearean theatre and is known for many movie roles, including the X-Men trilogy and The Da Vinci Code.

Ian has won a Tony Award and two Academy award nominations, while also winning a Golden Globe award for his work in the minis-series Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny.

In 1988 Ian came out and announced he was gay; he has since been a founding member of Stonewall, one of the UK’s most influential LGBT rights group, where he is still a prominent spokesman.

In 1991 he was knighted in the New Year Honours for his outstanding work and contribution in the theatre.

You can follow Ian on twitter at ianmckellen118.

  • Legolas

Orlando Bloom is an American actor, born 13th January 1977, who plays the role of Legolas in the LOTR films.  He has appeared in films such as Kingdom of Heaven and Ned Kelly, but he is probably most well known for his role as Will Turner in the Pirates of The Caribbean trilogy.

Orlando has had many injuries, including breaking both his legs and cracking his skull three times but he most serious injury was when he broke his back after slipping off a roof and falling three falls.  Despite doctors believing he would never walk again Orlando quickly recovered.

Despite having dyslexia Orlando successfully finished school.

Orlando has been dating Miranda Kerr since 2007; in 2010 they announced they had married and in August they announced that Miranda was four months pregnant with their baby.

  • Gimli

Jonathan Rhys-Davis is a British actor and vocal artist, born 5th May 1944, who is best known for his roles in the LOTR trilogy and as Arab excavator Sallah in the Indiana Jones films.

He has also appeared in Robin of Sherwood and the James Bond film, The Living Daylights.

As a vocal artist he has appeared in Aladdin and The King of Thieves, Tobias in the video game Freelancers, and as Man Ray in SpongeBob SquarePants.

In 1966 he married Suzanne A.D. Wilkinson and they have two sons together, Ben and Tom.  Despite separating in the early 1980s they have not divorced and do not plan to.  Suzanne has Alzheimer’s and Jonathan is still close to her.

He has been living with Lisa Manning since 2004 and they have a daughter, Maia, together.

  • Aragorn

Viggo Mortensen is an American actor, born 20th October 1958, who plays Aragorn in the LOTR trilogy.  He has also appeared in the films The Road, A Perfect Murder and Eastern Promises for which he was nominated for an Academy Award.

As well as acting Viggo is also a painter, photographer, musician and published poet.

Viggo is fluent in English, Danish and Spanish and is conversational in Italian and French.  He has a son, Henry Blake Mortensen, born 28th January 1988, with his ex-wife, Exene Cervenka.

On April 2010, Viggo was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Dannebrog.

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