• Frodo Baggins

Frodo Baggins is the hero in the Lord of The Rings trilogy.  Like most hobbits he is spoilt and leads an easy life until he inherited Sauron’s ring from his uncle Bilbo Baggins.  The ring, which allowed its wearer to become invisible, while at the same time causing its owner to be tracked by Sauron and simultaneously turning them mad, is the centerpiece for the story. Frodo, along with the help of others, has to go on a quest to destroy the ring in the fires at the Mountain of Doom.

  • Samwise Gamgee

Samwise, aka Sam, is the gardener at Frodo’s house and is forced to accompany him on his quest after Gandalf sees him eavesdropping on their conversation about the ring.  While Sam is a typical sidekick he is almost the hero of the story as much as Frodo.  As Frodo becomes weaker under the burden the ring, Sam takes control of the quest, and when Frodo appears to die at the hands of the giant spider Shelob Sam fights her off and survives.  He then briefly becomes the ring-bearer, and though somewhat tempted does not succumb to its powers.

After returning home from their quest, Sam marries Rose “Rosie” Cotton and they have thirteen children together.

  • Meriadoc Brandybuck

Meriadoc Brandybuck, more commonly known as Merry, is the cousin of Frodo and considered to be the most perceptive of all the hobbits in LOTR.  When Frodo leaves for his quest he knows instinctively that the ring is evil and allows its wearer to become invisible, even before he is told.  He, along with Pippin and Sam, were “the Conspiracy” which helped protect Frodo on his journey.

  • Peregrin Took

Peregrin, aka Pip or Pippin, was another cousin of Frodo and Merry’s best friend.  He was the only hobbit who had not yet “come-of-age” and at time his age showed.  On their quest he was the first to miss the luxuries of the hobbit life and was almost sent home as a messenger instead of accompanying Frodo.

Pippin is separated from the group after he takes the palantir of Orthanc from Gandalf and sees a terrifying encounter of himself with Sauron; he is sent to the city of Minis Tirith as punishment. At one point Pippin becomes a Guard of The Citadel, and becomes part of the Army of the West, led by Aragon, that assaulted The Black Gate.

  • Gandalf

Gandalf, a wizard, first appears in the Hobbit when he arrives at Bilbo Baggins door declaring he must accompany him on a quest to a dragon’s lair.  However, he is most influential in the LOTR, where he leads Frodo and his team into the Mountain of Doom to destroy Sauron’s ring.  At the beginning he is known as Gandalf the Grey until his supposed death in The Fellowship of the Ring.   While crossing the Bridge of Khazad-dum, Gandalf is dragged down into the lake under Moria along with Balrog.  However, he doesn’t die, but rather duels with Balrog to the death, and returns as Gandalf the White, a more much powerful figure.

He, along with Aragon, assaults the Black Gate of Mordor to distract Sauron while Frodo and Sam destroy the ring.

About two years after the quest, Gandalf, along with Frodo, Bilbo, Galadriel and Elrond, departs to the Undying Lands, where it comes known that he possesses Narya, one of the Three Elven Rings.

  • Legolas

Legolas, an elven prince known for his bow and arrow fighting methods, was chosen to be on the fellowship to guard Frodo after he acts as messenger for his father.  Legolas often provides comedy relief during the journey, but his connections with the elven community and his fighting ability make him a valuable member of the team.  While he and the dwarf Gimli do not get along initially they become close friends.

After the quest Legolas returns to Minas Tirith, and eventually he founds the elf-colony Ithilien, where he spends his remaining time trying to restore its damaged forests.

  • Gimli

Gimli, the son of Gloin, is the dwarf representative in the fellowship.  He was considered a honourable and wise dwarf and his weapon of choice was an axe.  He becomes charmed by the elf-lady Galadriel and hesitantly becomes friends with the elf Legolas; over the years their friendship helps aid in the hostility between the elves and dwarfs.  Gimli, alongside Legolas and Aragorn are “the three hunters” who set out to fight the orcs and eventually attack the Black Gate to distract Sauron.

After their quest, Gimli becomes the first Lord of the Glittering Caves.  Many years later, after Aragorn’s death, Gimli becomes the first dwarf to visit the Undying Lands; stemmed from his love for both Legolas and Lady Galadriel.

  • Aragorn

Aragorn, the rightful king of Arnor and Gondor, joins Frodo on his quest to destroy Sauron’s ring.  As an old friend of Gandalf he accepts to joining the quest for a short period of time.  However, as Frodo’s journey continues and Gandalf the Grey dies, Aragorn takes on more responsibility, eventually leading the quest.

After Frodo and Sam decide to continue on their own, Aragorn joins Legolas and Gimli, where they become “the three hunters.”  Together they set out to destroy the orcs, eventually meeting up with Gandalf the White and setting an attack on the Black Gate.

After the quest Aragorn is crowned as King Elessar and marries Arwen.

  • Gollum

Gollum, who first appears in The Hobbit, is the previous owner of Sauron’s ring before Bilbo Baggins takes possession of it.  Originally a hobbit called Sméagol, Gollum is rendered almost completely evil by the ring and lives an unnaturally long life.  He pretends to act as a guide for Sam and Frodo in The Lord of The Rings, but attempts to steal the ring from Frodo at the fires of Mordor; biting Frodo’s finger off in the process.  However, after he successfully steals the ring he loses his balance and falls into the fires of the Mountain of Doom, killing himself and destroying the ring.

  • Bilbo Baggins

While Bilbo appears very briefly in the LOTR trilogy he plays an important role in the Hobbit, the predecessor to LOTR.  In The Hobbit he unwillingly joins Gandalf on a quest to The Lonely Mountain where he has to help steal treasure from the dragon Smaug.  After getting lost, Bilbo hides in a mountain full of Goblins where he comes across Sauron’s ring that has been misplaced by Gollum.  His possession of the ring leads to the quest in LOTR and it being destroyed at the fires at the Mountain of Doom.

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