Well it seems like the awards season is JUST not going my way.  Unfortunate.

This week was the Golden Globes, or more commonly referred to as “the poor man’s Oscars” (or something to that extent).  Well if that is the case then it looks like the Dexter cast are going to be dirt poor for another year.  Sigh.

Despite being nominated for three awards, the Dexter crew walked away with none…which pretty much sums up the year that Michael C. Hall has had.  Poor guy.

Oh well.  We all know the quality of the show is the important thing, and even more importantly, how interesting and attractive the cast is.  Which basically explains anyone’s obsession with vampires (myself included of course).

What do you think?  Golden Globes over-rated?


Dexter-(image taken from http://www.megacalendars.com)