“One look?!?!  ONE look?  I’ll give you one look!”

We all know that famous line, yes?  Derek Zoolander voicing outrage when Mugatu says he has one look, which prompts him to produce the beautiful Magnum.

In Zoolander, it was funny.  Because it was a movie.

In real life, not so much.  Unless we like to make fun of the person involved.  Which here, we definitely do 🙂

Kristen Stewart recently fronted the cover for the prestigious magazine Vogue, which usually only allows beautiful famous models to grace its pages.  However, for their most recent issue they went with Kristen Stewart.

Why? I’m not sure.  Perhaps because she has excellent taste in men?  Perhaps because she has recently gone blonde? (which makes you question how she’s going to play Bella…but that’s another topic altogether…)  Well, for whatever reason she was there in all her K-Stew glory and…she failed.


One look was all she had in her arsenal.  And not even a beautiful Blue Steel look at that.  Basically picture the look she does in Twilight 90% of the time and you have it. Vacant eyes.  Mouth open. Etc, Etc.

Perhaps I’m judgmental but this issue HAS been flagged by others.

What do you think?

Here’s the cover, and a link to the other shots.

PS.  She was shot by Marino Testino, who is a GOD in the photography world…and he couldn’t make her look interesting.  Just saying.


kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart-(image taken from http://www.cdn.buzznet.com)