Ed Westwick, or for everyone under twenty out there, Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, has landed himself an important role in an important movie…alongside an important director and important actors.

It’s important, alright?!

The Clint Eastwood film (think serious action, lots of furrowed brows, tough character persona etc etc) titled J. Edgar is, surprise surprise, a film about legendary FBI guy J Edgar Hoover.

As you can tell, it’s not the type of film a person could eff up without some serious consequences.

Ed (Chuck Bass, remember?) will be playing Agent Smith (but not the guy from the Matrix movies) to play a “clean cut operative with writing skills” to help write his biography.

It’s also starring Leonardo DiCaprio (who HAS to be the most serious actor of all time) as J Edgar and Armie Hammer (he was that guy in The Social Network) who plays J Edgar’s secret lover/assistant.

Which means some serious man-on-man time.

(It did work for Black Swan after all…)

For those not in the know, J Edgar Hoover was the first director of the FBI, a position he held from 1924-1972.  So, once again, not a role to take lightly…

But hooray for Ed (Chuck) for taking a role when he can spread his metaphorical acting wings.

ed westwick

Ed Westwick-(image taken from http://www.images.wikia.com)