As you’ll know recently I posted the people’s choice awards which basically had Twilight and the trio bring down the house with its awards (hmm…am I possibly mixing up metaphors here? Oh well.).  They won almost everything they good including best actress (blargh!), best group of actors, best film etc etc.

Well, the nominees are out for The Razzies, aka the Raspberry Awards, and Eclipse seems likely to pull even more trophies.

Remember, the Razzies are basically awards given for really terrible films, so it isn’t something you actually want to win.

Eclipse has been nominated for NINE awards, including worst actress (Kristen Stewart), worst actor (both Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner), worst film AND worst screen ensemble.


Although I always harp on how crap an actress Kstew is, I’m still really surprised.  First off, how dare they call Rob Pattinson a bad actor?  Do they not realise that he is beautiful which entirely fills his role and therefore he’s not expected to do anything else?!?!

And as far as I was concerned I liked Eclipse.  Sure the acting was meh, and the story a bit slow, but it did include the sexy Xavier Samuel (the AUSTRALIAN actor who played Riley) which guaranteed an enjoyable two hours.  Also, as far as the three go it’s definitely the best.  The first one was good, but you could tell it was done on a cheap budget, and the second was just depressing…although since New Moon is basically one giant cry session that’s a bit understandable.

ANYWAY, there are the nominations.  To be honest I can’t decide whether the Razzies are just a bit of fun, or really quite mean-spirited.  It went ok last year when Sandra Bullock won both a Razzie AND an oscar, but for all the other winners…


the razzie awards

The Razzie Awards-(image taken from