tehehehe.  Pun totally intended.

So, last night’s episode of the Vampire Diaries.  Hard-core right?  What with the topless Damon (the TOPLESS Damon), the friction between Caroline, Tyler and Matt, topless Damon, Caroline getting tortured and SHOT in the head, and oh yeah, topless Damon.

I’m rather lazy about re-capping so if you want to know the full extent of what happens I suggest checking out this review by Kim The Fan Girl http://kimthefangirl.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/tv-rewind-the-vampire-diaries-daddy-issues/

In short the big deal was that Uncle Johnny Boy (aka that guy whose really her dad but didn’t raise her and is a super creep) has come back to “help” Elena but ended up chatting with Katherine.  As in Katherine who has been compelled to stay in a tomb until big baddy Klaus turns up.

Other news?  Supposedly Isobel (Elena’s actual mum, vampire, not to mention Alaric’s “deceased” wife.  I know.  Confusing.) is working her ways and trying to come up with a solution; some sort of spell that means Klaus can’t enter Mystic Falls.  Which is all good, but what happens if Elena wants to go on a holiday at some point?

Oh.  And Damon was topless.  And wet.  Twice.  Of course, there was that small issue of him killing his companion (the unfortunate news gal) because he’s lady love (our lovely Elena) doesn’t give a damn about him (more or less).

Plus, if that wasn’t enough drama for you, it appears that Beremy (Bonnie and Jeremy for those not in the know) are acting all couple-y…although the last time we saw them Bonnie said she couldn’t go there.  Right.  Well.

Oh…Caroline was also horribly tortured by werewolves who want to take Tyler away, whose now in everyone’s bad books after he basically left Caroline and the Salvatore brothers to fend for themselves (and then sided with the baddies who did the torturing in the first place).  Not nice Tyler.  Not nice at all!

Last but not least?  Dubious warlock extraordinare, Dr Martin, rocks up and saves the day with some brain-fizzing moves (basically what Bonnie does…but a thousand times more awesome), telling the vampire trio that he and Elijah ARE on their side.  Innnnttteeerrressttiinngg.

So, thoughts?  Damon clearly needs a vampire psychologist (or a good, hollywood-style kiss from Elena…), I’m getting more chemistry from Stefan and CAROLINE, Tyler’s a big wolfy douche (aren’t they always?) and Uncle John’s a creep.

In short, this episode was awesome.  Particularly the ripping-the-heart-out-of-a-living-breathing-werewolf part.  Whether or not Damon is going to keep killing his way through all the pretty girls in Mystic Falls is a big question, but is it as intriguing as Uncle John and Katherine meeting up?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see!  They do love their cliffhanger’s don’t there?

vampire diaries

Tyler being deceived by that good-for-nothing Jules-(image taken from http://www.images4.fanpop.com)