Let me paint the scene for you:

It’s dark.  Late at night.  Elena waits in the house for Stefan who is outside collecting wood.  “What are you doing?  Growing the trees?”  Elena jokes.  And then she remembers…bad stuff happens to her.  A lot.  She stops, pauses.  Is that a sound she hears outside?  She creeps to the front door (no you silly girl the baddies are outside!) but then, like the smart human she is, she grabs the kitchen knife that’s handily lying there (why is there a kitchen knife near the door anyway? oh well).  She opens the door….creeeaaaakkk.  And then, BAM, bad-wolf Brady attacks her from behind.

But Elena is too smart for him.  She whirls around and STAB gets him in the belly with the knife.  Ha! That’ll show you wolfy!  Wait.  Wolfy.  Wolf.  Damn, don’t those guys heal quickly?  Elena runs back into the house (why?  I’m not sure) with Brady quick on her heels.  She runs, flees and eventually makes it to her parent’s hidey-hole.  And then again, STAB, got him right in the shoulder on that one.  With a stake.  How ironic.

She runs downstairs and outside, but wait Brady is about to grab her when out of nowhere Stefan arrives and SQUELCH (sorry, only word for it) pulls out Brady’s heart (ahhh that’s right.  THAT’S the way to kill a werewolf).

Tyler at the top of the crescent.  Backlit by the moonlight (once again, how ironic).  Remorseful.  Sad.  He didn’t know what they planned for Elena.  Don’t worry Tyler.  Elena forgives you.  It is, after all, The Vampire Diaries.

Wait.  What?  I hear you say.  Vampire Diaries?  Full of gore, and violence and scary suspenseful bits?  I know.  I’m as shocked as you.  I don’t usually take my vampires with blood.

Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries definitely lived up to the Vamp in its name with the werewolves and vampires going head-to-head once again, while vampires and other Original vampires were feuding as well.

Basically, it’s not the best time to be a vampire.

For a full review check out Kim’s summary at http://kimthefangirl.wordpress.com/2011/02/11/tv-rewind-the-vampire-diaries-crying-wolf/ since, once again, I’m too lazy.

Instead I wish to talk about three main topics of last night’s show:

  1. Tyler.  In the past couple of episodes we’ve seen Tyler all over the place.  First he transitioned and he bonded with Caroline, which eventually led to a stolen kiss.  Then he learnt that she had lied to him and he sided with those nasty wolves of his.  And then he helped Stefan escape so Elena wasn’t kidnapped.  Confusing?  Yes.  But not as confusing as the cliffhanger (those pesky cliffhangers!).  Tyler, leaving Mystic Falls…with Jules.  As in crazy wolf-bitch, “you’re friends lied to you but then again so did I” Jules.  So what does this mean for Tyler?  No show for a while?  Crazy scheme with Jules?  Or will he soon see the error in his ways?
  2. Beremy.  Bonnie. Jeremy.  It finally happened.  We wanted it.  We were waiting for it.  And then it happened.  Quite suddenly actually.  Wham!  Jeremy kissed Bonnie…and then it ended.  Rather abruptly I thought.  Aren’t those sort of things drawn out?  Oh well.  They seemed happy…but what will Elena think?
  3. Elijah.  That scary ass dude just creates havoc wherever he goes doesn’t he?  First he tells Damon he’s going to kill him after sticking a pencil in his neck (ouch.  Poor Damon and his poor neck!  I’ll say it again.  Rather ironic).  Then he saves Damon (and incidentally…his neck) from a bunch of werewolves (and might I say, Dayum!  That is one cool way to kill a bunch of wolfies.).  While this is all going on Stefan and the gang learn that Elena was always going to be sacrified…but what’s this?  Elena already knew.  Thoughts?  Stefan definitely doesn’t seem pleased…

So what are everyone’s opinions?  Good, great or just average episode?  Will anything develop between Delena, or Matt and Caroline for that matter?  What about Beremy?  And how will they get over that tricky problem of Klaus and his impending arrival…

Vampire Diaries

Elena and Stefan sharing some lovin'-(image taken from http://www.s3.daemonstv.com)