…although technically it might be the fourth?

On last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, The Dinner Party, the writers really showed us they could bring it.  Basically we were assaulted from all angles.  Stefan being a scary crazy vampire.  Katherine finally getting out of the tomb.  Damon just being his delicious self.  Bonnie getting her powers taken away from her.  Oh it goes on and on!

So what was the biggest deal in this week’s episode?  The deaths of Elijah (yes you read that right).  For those who need a little bit of a re-cap, Elijah is the not-so-friendly Original (although I don’t think any of them are) who pretended to be friends with Elena…but really just wanted her death to coincide with him taking on Klaus.

When we were first introduced to Elijah (way back in the season) Damon and Stefan took him on, with Damon eventually killing him with the biggest stake known to vampire kind.  Well…he didn’t actually die.  Turns out that Originals can survive giant stakings! (Damn)

Cue to this episode.  Damon, being the crafty little vampire that he is, decides to take on Elijah with this handy ancient dagger that’s been dipped in white oak ash (just go with it).  Might I just add that Damon is being proactive here while Stefan is being all “emotional” with Elena.  Sorry.  Had to be said.  Anyway.  Just before Damon does a good stabbing on Elijah, Alaric intervenes like the ol’ buddy he is.  Basically? If Damon tries to use the dagger on Elijah they will BOTH die (which is NOT good).  Only humans can wield the dagger.

So us viewers were like dang.  Right?  I know I was.  But alas, not even five minutes later, out of nowhere, STAB Alaric gets Elijah right from behind and the Original goes a nasty shade of death-grey.

Wooh! For Alaric.  Not only does he get lines this episodes…but an actual killing scene! Yay! But wait…Elena continues to read the all-knowing Jonathan Gilbert diary.  The dagger MUST STAY IN THE VAMPIRE.

Wait…what?  Cue Damon running to where they’ve put Elijah.  Yep.  There’s nothing there.  DAMNIT!  Why is this guy so hard to kill?  (I”d like to see Edward Cullen take him on.  That’d show him a thing or two.)

So…now instead of a dead vampire we’ve got a really pissed-off one.  Great.  Elijah, thoroughly annoyed (you can kinda see where he is coming from) rocks up to the lakehouse and wants a quiet chat with Elena.  Elena agrees, but stays in the house where Elijah can’t get to her (that must get really old for vampires).  She wants to re-negotiate.  He doesn’t.  She threatens to stab herself with the knife she handily has on her and Stefan will turn her into a vampire. So there! Na-na-na-na-na.

Elijah calls bluff.  Good call Elijah.  Wait, what was that?  Was that the tell-tale squelching of a dagger going into a person’s stomach?  Ugh! It was.  Elena has STABBED herself! Elijah, situably shocked agrees to the deal and goes to heal her.  She allows him in and when he goes to help she yanks out the dagger (ouch) and BAM stabs it into Elijah.  Where it stays.  You go girl!  Wait…you’re still dying.  But alas, Stefan comes to save the day by giving her his blood (about time he did something) and Damon pops up out of nowhere.  Not that we’re complaining.  He wisely suggests to keep the dagger in the now-dead Elijah.

Ahhh…so he’s dead!  Hooray!

For all the other bits of awesomeness (there’s no other word for it) that need recapping check out Kim’s site at http://kimthefangirl.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/tv-rewind-the-vampire-diaries-the-dinner-party/ and let me know what you think!

The only other big bit from The Dinner Party I’d like to bring up?  The wonderfully timed return of Katherine…whose sticking around.  So will her and Damon team up as a bad-ass Original fighting team?  Will Elena get along with her evil counterpart?  And how will Stefan deal with her now that she’s back?

So many questions so little episodes!

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Talk about a messy eater!-(image taken from http://www.vampire-diaries.net)