As all us Vampire Diaries lovers know, Klaus has been the hot topic for oh I dunno the past 10 weeks or so?  Haha, so he is a huge deal.  Yet, despite all the talk about him we still haven’t seen his face.

Well, my fellow fans stress no more because there is a face to Klaus, and in true Vamp Diaries fashion, it’s a good one!

Klaus will be played by British actor, (they did kill off Rose and Elijah so they had to bring some British blood back into the show) Joseph Morgan.  If the name doesn’t sound too familiar he hasn’t been in a great deal except for Master and Commander and the BBC version of Mansfield park.  But…I’m sure he knows how to be a baddie while being sexy at the same time.

Which is what we’re most concerned about of course.

Unfortunately we have to wait until April 21st until we can get a glimpse of him in action…so it looks like a few more weeks of talk talk talk.  Could Klaus’ appearance by any chance be the season finale?  Thoughts?

What do you think of Joesph Morgan? Is he how you pictured Klaus?

joesph morgan

Joesph Morgan-(image taken from