Kat’s back!  Heard that before?  Well I did write a post with that title but that was concerning the lovely Katerina Graham, who plays Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries.  No, this is the bad Kat.  As in crazy ass vampire bitch Katherine Pierce.

So what came about her well-timed return (girl knows how to make an entrance, gotta give her that)?  Death, mayhem and, oh yeah, more death.  However, before you say “I told you so”  the deaths that occurred were GOOD ones…well in the relative scheme of things.

For those who haven’t seen this week’s episode (FOOLS!) best to close the browser because a huge spoiler alert is coming your way…

So for those who are a bit behind times Elijah is “dead” or as dead as a dead vampire who doesn’t really die can be.  He’s got that nifty knife still buried in him and is currently lying in the Salvatore’s trusty basement (talk about versatile!).  So all should be good right?  No.  While those who are anti Elijah (namely the awesome gang) are happy, his witchy sidekicks are not.  And despite a bargaining with our good friend Stefan (he does always try to do the right thing after all) they want to cast a spell, pull out the dagger and make Elijah alive again.  Read: not good.

To do that they send Luca (the little man-witch) in “mind-form” into the Salvatore mansion where he can pull out the dagger etc etc.  However, things don’t go as he planned…(they never do in this show do they?)  Just as he is about to pull it out Katherine decides to grab a snack and sees the knife coming out of Elijah’s chest…ALL BY ITSELF (she can’t see Luca of course).  However, Katherine is a smart little vampire (did you not see how she got herself out of that tomb?) and realises something, or someone, is there and pushes the dagger back in.  Things then get a bit hairy.  Luca, spurred on by his dad, finds a bit of wood and STAKES Katherine (but misses the golden spot) and then goes back to the dagger.  Katherine, by this stage situably freaked, calls for Damon.  Damon appears and realises something fishy is going on (he’s also a smart guy under all that smouldering stare and muscles…not that it particularly matters) and turns the flame-thrower on Elijah…and invariably Luca.

Now to where Luca REALLY is and he is ACTUALLY caught on fire.  Ouch, that looks painful.  Ooh…that doesn’t look good.  Even when Doc Martin tries to do his best he can’t save Luca.  Which just causes him to get angrier.

Switch to the Grill where Caroline has just declared her love for Matt by singing on stage and who is now currently making out with said love in the bathrooms.  Good for her.  (On a side note, Candice Accola has a GREAT singing voice).  Jennah and Alaric are trying to talk things out…expect Alaric won’t actually tell her about Isobel.  Bonnie has just admitted to Elena that she has feelings for Jeremy…and Elena doesn’t mind!  Basically, it’s a busy Grill.

Cue Doc Martin.  Who is ANGRY.  He wants Elena as payback because one way or another he will find his daughter and save her (she’s being held by that baddie Klaus).  Lots of fire and ickiness later we have…an almost dying Matt? Wait.  What.  Yes you read that right.  Matt is about to die, unless Caroline does something.  Which she does.  She gives him some of her blood and he heals.  But now they have a tricky conversation ahead of them…

Somehow Elena makes it back to her house where she goes up to her bathroom. But who is lurking there to get her?  Oh yeah, that Doc Martin who is royally pissed off.  Uh-oh.  Elena’s screwed.  Wait, was that fangs I see?  Oh its Katherine!  And now Doc Martin in dead.  Bonnie goes to make sure and WHAM! no he isn’t.  He grabs Bonnie but before anything happens (or so we think) Stefan breaks his neck.

It’s handy having vampires around.

For all the bits that I’ve missed out on check out Kim’s webpage HERE

Only other bit that needs to be added?  Damon showed where his loyalties lie when he refuses Katherine…even when she was literally on top of him in bed.  There’s a reason why I’m Team Delena here at Set In Motion.  Actually, that’s a lie.  There are MANY reasons.

Sadly though we’ll have to wait a while for the next instalment because devils that they are, the CW are airing some reality television show and Vampire Diaries won’t return until April 7th.  I know.  I’m angry too.

Thoughts?  What did you think of this week’s episode?

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Is it Elena or is it Katherine?-(image taken from http://www.smallscreenscoop.com)