Gossip Girl fans out there, do you remember a lovely character who goes by the name of Georgina Sparks?  Lovely hair, pale skin, rich (of course) and, oh yeah, batshit crazy.  You do?!?! Were you glad when she finally left (again)?  You weren’t?!?!  Well how convenient.  Because she’s making a return (again).

If the name doesn’t ring a bell for you (obviously not a true fan, are you?), Georgina Sparks basically made Serena AND Blair look tame.  She partied hard, schemed hard and all-round was a manipulative bitch.  Basically, just combine Serena and Blair together, through in a little more craziness and drugs and voila! there you have Georgina Sparks.

However, don’t let this put you off her character.  She’s always interesting and there is always trouble when she’s around.  Even the lovely Michelle Trachtenberg thinks so!

“Yes, I will be back. Georgina is trouble, that word has become synonymous… there will definitely more ‘Gossip Girl’ in my future!”

Thoughts?  What do you think about Georgina making a re-appearance?  A chance for more craziness and fun?  Or over-done?

michelle trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg-(image taken from http://www.tvovermind.com)