For those who have seen the latest Vampire Diaries episode (and if you haven’t, seriously get on it already) we saw there were a couple of tragedies.  Manly-witchy tragedies.  While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering they were overall a big pain in our arses, and Bonnie did get her powers back, it does have one small problem.

Bonnie is all alone in her witchy ways.  While this wasn’t a problem beforehand, it is now.  Poor Bonnie is expected to shoulder the burden of finding a way to harness all those dead witches’ powers and come up with a spell to destroy Klaus.  If there were ever a time to go EEK I think this would be it.

Well, those sneaky producers over at CW are ahead of us, as per always.  They have already announced there will be a casting call for a character called Greta, and they are looking for 20 year old African-American gals for the role.

Innnneerrressting.  For those not in the know, Greta, the daughter of Doc Martin, is currently being held hostage by Klaus.

So will this work towards or against Bonnie?  She would obviously want Klaus killed (who doesn’t?!) but then again, Bonnie was part of the crew that killed her brother and dad.  Hmm….

Thoughts?  How do you think this will play out?  And can you think of any actresses for the role?

bonnie bennett

Bonnie Bennett-(image taken from http://www.static.tvguide,com)