Poor Rob Pattinson.  Not only does he have the burden of having to date Kristen Stewart, but he also has to deal with crazy rabid Twihards (twelve year-olds, I’m looking at you).  While this wouldn’t necessarily be that big a pain in the arse (actually, it would) RPatz doesn’t want to settle down and buy a house because then everyone will know where he is!

“I’m afraid of buying a house or anything. The best way to deal with it is just to move around all the time.”

Poor guy!  He doesn’t want to settle down because then, wham!, they’ll pounce on him.

And before anyone says that the Twilight hottie is over-reacting, there was a fine example of rabid-fanism on show just the other night.  Rob and KStew decided to support Catherine Hardwick (aka director of Twilight) by attending the premiere of her new film, Red Riding Hood (more on that in a later post).  What could of been a romantic evening out ended up being a group assault on the two.

And by the two, I mean Rob Pattinson.  I’m sure Kristen Stewart just got in their way.

Thoughts?  Do you think fandom goes too far when you can’t buy a house?

rob pattinson and kristen stewart

I'll admit it. Babes-(image taken from http://www.robertpattinsonwho.com)