Catherine Hardwick, director of Twilight, has released a new movie; Red Riding Hood, which is loosely based on the folktale Little Red Riding Hood.  For those who need a trip down memory lane, Little Red Riding Hood is a girl who is walking through the forest to meet her grandma.  Along the way she comes across a wolf who wants to eat her so he cunningly suggests she picks some flowers for her grandma.  The wolf then goes on ahead and eats the grandma whole (yummy!) and disguises himself as her for when Little Red Riding Hood arrives.

What then follows is the “You have such big teeth” “All the better to eat you with” etc etc (you have to know it) which ends with Little Red Riding Hood being eaten.  Luckily a hunter pops up (don’t they always?) kills the wolf and the grandma and Little Red Riding Hood emerge unharmed.

So…I know what you’re thinking.  Why on earth would Catherine Hardwick want to direct a film on this?  Well…I did say it was only based loosely…

The film stars Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls, Dear John), Gary Oldman (Sirius Black from Harry Potter) and Billy Burke (Charlie from Twilight!).  Red Riding Hood has been classified as a horror film and definitely has a scarier storyline than the original folk tale.  From what I read I was a bit confused (it hasn’t come out yet) but basically they all live in a village in the mountains, and they are being stalked by a wolf who is trying to find his “next-of-kin” so to speak; basically he wants to find the perfect person to turn and continue his dirty work.

Thoughts?  I’ve seen the trailer and I got a very Twilight-y vibe, which kinda annoyed me.  I really hope Catherine Hardwick doesn’t hope to get people to fill seats just because she directed Twilight.  Also, the storyline does seem a tad convulted, but it does have a good twist at the end…

What do you think?  Check out the trailer below and tell me your thoughts!