Hooray!  It’s back.  We can all breathe a sigh of relief that our beautiful Damon Salvatore is back on the screen.  That’s right, Vampire Diaries is back on tv and it’s back with a vengeance.

Last night’s episode, aptly named Know Thy Enemy, kicked off right where things ended (which was, oh so cruelly, a long six weeks ago).  First things first, Elena and the Salvatore brothers didn’t know thy enemy, they were properly duped.  Damn that Katherine.

For a full recount I’d suggest checking out Kimthefangirl’s blog (she’s much more thorough and entertaining than I am when it comes to recapping) right HERE

Alright?  Read that.  Good.  Now we can get to the dissecting parts.

First off.  Klaus.  Alaric.  Klaus.  Alaric.  Klaus IS Alaric.  Wait…what?  Yes you read that right.  Those sneaky writers over at CW managed to drop a bomb on us right in the dying seconds.  Using some witchy magic and some borrowed blood, Alaric is now Klaus.  Sorta.  Well.  I’m not sure to be honest.  He’s being controlled by him, who in turn is now controlling Katherine.

Ah yes…Katherine.  She definitely screwed up this episode.  She thought she’d be sneaky and side with Isobel (Elena’s vampire mum) instead of the Salvatore brothers (those goodness knows why, considering they’re so hot! Oh and good. That’s right…), yet in turn Isobel was being controlled by Klaus and turned Katherine in.  Yep, that was a screw up.  If that wasn’t confusing enough for you, she DIDN’T hand in Elena, who was conveniently at her disposal, but instead yanked off her protective necklace and burnt to a crisp in the sun.

But she did it on her grave, so at least she was poetic.  Gotta give her points for that.

Other news?  Matt and Caroline.  For those who need a bit of a refresher, Matt found out last episode that Caroline is a vampire. Eek!  Double Eek when you remember that Matt’s sister Vicky was killed by a vampire…

For those who thought that maybe things would cool off over time, well…we were wrong.  Instead, Matt convinces Caroline to tell him everything she knows and then gets her to wipe his memory.  Except she didn’t.  Because he was on vervain.  And whose idea was this?  Sheriff Forbes.  As in Caroline’s mum.  As in hater and destroyer of all things vampire.  And now she knows that Caroline is a vampire.


But don’t feel disheartened by everything that’s happened.  One bonus is that Bonnie is Damon and Stefan’s “secret weapon” since she’s harnessed all the dead witches’ powers.  Oh wait…supposedly if she uses all those powers when she kills Klaus she’ll die.  Damn…

Seriously though.  One happy note.  Elena signed the deed to the Salvatore brothers home and now she’s gonna be sleeping over…EVERY NIGHT.  Let’s just consider that for a moment.  Damon…Stefan…Elena, all in the one house.  Alone. Hmm…

Thoughts?  What did you think of last night’s show?  Up to par?  How do you think they’ll deal with the whole Alaric/Klaus situation?  Do you think that something interesting will develop between Damon and Elena now that she’ll be bunking at their house?  Let me know!

bonnie bennett and jeremy gilbert

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