For those who haven’t heard, for a while now there have been whispers throughout the showbiz industry that Brad Pitt wants to make a biopic about the late Jeff Buckley.

Smart man.  For those who aren’t sure who Jeff Buckley is, he was a singer who was popular in the 90s who released the album Grace, which contained the famous Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah (following yet?).  Sadly, in 1997 he went for a swim, fully clothed (hmm…) and drowned.

ANYWAY, while Brad Pitt has wanted to make a movie out of his life for years, he has continually met resistance from Buckley’s mother, Mary Guibert.  Luckily, for Brad Pitt, and for us, Mary seems to have changed her mind!

While production is scheduled to begin Spring this year (or Fall for you crazy Americans) and they have Jake Scott (Welcome to the Rileys) directing, they still haven’t chosen a main actor yet.

Names that have been thrown around though include James Franco and our always-delicious Rob Pattinson.  So who do you think should get the role?  Rob Pattinson has a beautiful, Buckley-like voice, but James Franco is close to being a dead ringer for him.  And honestly, James has succeeded at everything else he’s done, he could probably learn to sing as well!


james franco, jeff buckley and rob pattinson

James Franco, Jeff Buckley and Rob Pattinson-(image taken from