The title of this week’s Vampire Diaries kinda makes you go awww, doesn’t it?  Stefan (or even better, Damon!) and Elena get to share a happy moment dancing at the school’s decade dance.  How lovely.  And then you remember, this is The Vampire Diaries.  The shit is always perpetually hitting the fan.  And this week was no exception.

For those who need a quick recap, basically Klaus is in town.  But not the actual Klaus.  Nooo siree, that would be too straight-forward.  Instead, he is controlling (somehow, don’t ask me how) Alaric to do all his biding.  Yah.  Not good.

For a full, hilarious recap (it even comes with its own catchy nickname…no joke, it’s going to go viral) check out Kim’s post HERE and then hop straight back on here so we can talk about all the juicy fun stuff.  So basically how hot Damon is…

Ok, you’re back.  Either that or you didn’t leave, did you?  Naughty.  But that’s alright.  You’ve seen the episode so I’m sure you can still contribute.

First things first, how sexy is the new version of Alaric/Klaus?  Sure he’s still got the same dorky wardrobe (nothing vintage here) and he’s still Mystic Falls history teacher…but now he’s doing evil.  And he’s doing it well.  Basically, he’s strutting around, dancing around, doing random monologues before he kills something…the usual baddie sort of stuff.

But then he met Bonnie.

And now Bonnie has had her moments in the past where we’ve all gone, Oh Bonnie!  and let’s be honest, who thought this was going to be another moment to add to that list?  Anyone?  Don’t lie, I know you thought it.  But she proved us wrong.  She gave Alaric/Klaus (this is going to get old) a good beating around (the old leg-break), bled from the nose for a bit…and then died.


But not really.  I know.  I was fooled too.  I hadn’t started crying but there was a large part of me going WHAT?!  But alas, Bonnie had Damon who hasn’t really changed when it comes to sneaky plots.  So.  Bonnie’s alive.  Alaric/Klaus doesn’t know this though.  But she could still (probably will) die if she unleashes all that magic. Hmm…

Alas, that’s where Elena came in.  Elena, after she did smouldering eyes with Damon (why wasn’t he topless in this scene I ask?) decided to do things her own way.  Clearly she’s never seen Twilight and doesn’t know that it never works out when the human tries to play hero.  So Elena goes down to the basement where a sorta-but-not-really-dead Elijah is slowly decomposing.  And then pulls out the dagger that’s keeping him dead.  Which is all well and good since she can use it on Klaus (actual Klaus, not pretend Alaric/Klaus Klaus)…except then Elijah won’t be dead.

And from my many forays into vampire worlds I’ve learnt one thing…vampires don’t like it when you try (no matter how successful you are) to kill them.  Things are going to get interesting!

What do you think?  Do you think that Klaus will continue to use Alaric’s body?  What will he do with it once he’s moved on?  Do you think that Elijah is going to be pissed with Elena or will he be hellbent on getting Klaus?  And what did Klaus do to him in the first place anyway?

It’s not much longer to the season finale (sob sob) so we’re definitely going to get some results in the next episode…but then Vampire Diaries love good cliffhangers so maybe not…

elena and damon

Dont they look good together?-(image taken from