Now, as we all know Dexter hasn’t graced our screens for a while.  Some claptrap about the show only running twelve weeks of the year.  I know, it’s ridiculous isn’t it?  So since we haven’t seen our favourite serial killer in a while (unless you, like myself, own all the seasons on DVD…) we’re been going into Michael C. Hall withdrawal symptoms.  And when I say we, I mean me.

Luckily for us (namely me again), Michael is appearing in not one, but TWO, yes TWO movies this year.  Only bummer, they’re both “indie” films and therefore hard to gain access to…

But at least he’s not playing someone who likes to kill people or hang around with dead bodies!  Which, when you also consider Gamer and Six Feet Under, is out of the ordinary for him….

The first one to come out is called Peep World and focuses around a family who discover that on their father’s 70th birthday a book is being published about all their kooky secrets.  Michael plays Jack Meyerwitz, who enjoys going to peeping booths…

Hmm….definitely quirky!

The other film he’s in is called East Fifth Bliss which follows Morris Bliss (Michael C. Hall) as his life becomes unravelled when he starts dating the daughter of a classmate from high school…

This one, which is currently in post-production sounds interesting, but in a good way.  I’d say this is for a number of reasons.  Firstly, although I’m a bit biased, I can definitely see the appeal of Michael dating a younger girl (ahem.).  Secondly, the cast is great.  It’s also got Lucy Liu, of Charlie’s Angels fame, and Sarah Shahi.  For those who haven’t heard of her, she’s the absolute babe Carmen off The L Word.  Now imagine her with Michael C. Hall.  Ahhh….

Probably the only down-fall that I can see to this movie is that Michael’s character is called Morris…Hmm….

Thoughts?  Would you see either of these movies?

michael c. hall

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