Last’s night episode of the Vampire Diaries.  Wow.  Just.  Wow.

Not only did it involve some kick-arse twists, such as the fake curse and “oh he’s actually my brother” (more on that later) but it also involved that romance and chemistry stuff that us gals so desperately need.

So quickly, before we lose stream, you know the drill; check out Kim’s website HERE for the nitty-gritty details and then come back here and discuss.

Right.  So there are about a THOUSAND points of interest from this week’s episode but we’ll focus on the big ones.

BAM! Klaus and Elijah are brothers.  They actually have another five siblings running around somewhere out there as well.  And they are literally the first ever vampires to be, well uh, vampires.  So we’re beginning to get an idea of how freaking old they are.

DOUBLE BAM!  There is no sun and moon curse.  Nope, just something that Klaus made up in his spare time.  Because when you’re approximately a few thousand years old you need a hobby.  No, instead Klaus has he very own curse.  Why?  Because he’s half-werewolf, half-vampire.  Which means, if the curse is broken, he gets all the good bits of the species without those nasty side-effects.  Yep you’ve got it.  Everyone=screwed.  But if that isn’t enough to fill your plate, Elijah wants to kill him.  Why?  Well most probably because he fell in love with Katherine yet Klaus was going to use her as his sacrifice.  Which led to a whole other set of problems.  And then we get the big one…

BAM BAM BAM!! (Have I made my point do you think?)  Elijah may still have feelings for Katherine.  Or even Elena.  Yep, another vampire falls for the pretty girl.  Which could have interesting consequences since they’ve joined together to make a super-awesome Klaus-fighting team.  Screw the Salvatores.  Elena’s going straight to the source.

Speaking of the Salvatore brothers, they spent less time worrying about their lady-love and more time fighting with each other over who she holds in better esteem.  Hello boys, she’s hanging out with the VERY FIRST VAMPIRE who also knows the key to saving her and her friends.  Stop worrying about each other, you’ve got much stiffer competition than that.

But while on that note,  “She respects me.”  Low, Stefan, low.  No wonder Damon punched you in the face.

Other big important thing from last night?  Klaus is back.  And not using Alaric, but rather he’s actual, pouty self.  And he’s got feisty witch Greta by his side…who doesn’t seem to mind at all.  Interesting…

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Is Klaus what you’d expected?  What role will Greta have in the upcoming episodes?  Do you think that something might develop between Elena and Elijah or are you still waving your Stelena and Delena fans just as hard?  Let me know!

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