This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries.  Wow.  I feel like I’m both literally and metaphorically still getting my breath.  And what a title! One Last Day.  But for who?  Aunt Jenna?  Damon?  Elena?  Jules? So many questions!

Just like old times, if you want a full, hilarious recap of this week’s episode, head on over to Kim’s website HERE, but make sure to keep your seat because One Last Day was intense.

So where should we start?  The plot definitely thickens when we learn that either way Elena is going to die, the question is just how long for.  But Damon, being Damon, decides to step in and force Elena to drink his blood.  Therefore, she’s going to be dead forever.  Because she’ll be a vampire.

WHAT?  Yes, you heard that right.  Vampire.  As in, live forever at the age of seventeen vampire.  And believe it or not, unlike our other human heroines from previous vampire escapades, Elena doesn’t want that.  Even though she knows she loves Stefan now, who knows how she’ll feel in a year, or five, or even fifty.  Which makes sense of course.  Who knows what they want when they’re seventeen?

Well.  Stefan does.  He’s been seventeen for the past 145 years and he wants Elena to always be by his side.  Which has to make things double-y hard when he hears her say she doesn’t want to hang around.  Forever, at least.

Sadly, Elena doesn’t seem to have a choice. And neither does Aunt Jenna.  Yep, you read that right.  Jenna, who is back on cuddly terms with Alaric (who surprisingly, and conveniently, didn’t die), is the replacement vampire for the ritual.  Yep.  She’s in transition.  Looks like she’s going to be joining the army of walking dead (or something like that).

But if that wasn’t enough to make you fall off your couch, we got one last biggie to keep us biting our nails for the week (which really sucks since I recently painted mine…).  Damon and Tyler (yep, he’s back) got in a fight.  And Damon lost.  How?  He got bitten.

For those who can’t remember, or simply forget the entirety of the situation, werewolf bites kill vampires.  So where we’re currently standing…Damon’s screwed.  I know.  WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!?!?!

So since we’re officially running for the season finale, let’s ponder some questions:

  1. Will Tyler and Caroline re-unite?  Or will she stay with Matt, even though she now knows that he lied to her all along?
  2. Who’s going to die?  Jules?  Jenna?  DAMON?
  3. What’s Gretta got going for her?  And will she be part of the sacrifice for Klaus? And she just doesn’t realise it?
  4. Where did Elijah go?  Does he still have something up his sleeve?
  5. Can Stefan, Katherine or Damon do anything to save the day?
  6. How’s Alaric going to feel about Jenna’s transition?
  8. What will happen to Elena?

Leave me your thoughts in the comments below!  Surely you’re just as chock full of them as I am!

elena and damon

Could this be in their future?-(image taken from