Although it technically isn’t a part of The Twilight Saga, I still think it’s important to note that Stephenie Meyer’s other bestselling book, The Host, will be hitting our silver screens in the future.

For those who haven’t read The Host I definitely suggest giving it a try.  It’s very different from Twilight but still has the common thread of a romance, which keeps all us hopeful romantics something to sigh about.

The Host is set in the future where the world’s human population is mostly controlled by aliens.  Wait a moment.  Please hear me out.  Basically, these aliens are like “parasites” and they can latch onto any creature’s brain and take over their body.  When this happens the actual person within the body becomes erased and eventually disappears altogether.  These aliens, called “Souls”, believe they are helping the world because they are passive and loving towards each other.

The main character in this book is a human called Melanie Stryder who has been overtaken by the Soul, Wanderer.  Wanderer’s job is to find out, through Melanie’s memories, where other “rogue” humans are hiding so that they can be converted too.  However, Melanie has an incredibly strong mind and refuses to leave, and eventually Melanie/Wanderer leave civilisation and find the other rogue humans.  By this stage though, Wanderer doesn’t know whether she cares for humans or not, and she may not even have the chance to leave.

Ok?  So now that we’re up to date with the storyline (and for the record this was the bare minimum so get on it and please read it ASAP and then tell me everything you loved about it), we can get to the nitty-gritty.  THERE’S GOING TO BE A FILM!

Now, before anyone complains about the quality of the Twilight Sage (shame on you for insulting our beloved Robert Pattinson), first hear me out.  They’ve already decided on a scriptwriter, Andrew Niccol, and they have cast Melanie.  They’ve gone for Saoirse Ronan.

Personally, even though I haven’t seen her work I think that she’ll do a terrific job.  Not only is she relatively new to the scene and therefore we can actually believe she is Melanie, but she has acting chops.  She’s been in Atonement, Hanna and The Lovely Bones (and if anyone has read or seen The Lovely Bones you’d understand how hard a role that would have been to play) and has been nominated for an Oscar.  And if that STILL doesn’t sell her for you, just check out the picture below.  Not only is she beautiful and fits the image of Melanie, but she also has that slight other-worldy look about her.  Can totally see her being overtaken by an alien, can’t you?

Another bonus (hopefully, fingers crossed) is that Stephenie Meyer wants to work really closely with this film.  Which would be awesome because it’d be interesting to see inside the mind of Meyer once again…

Thoughts?  Are you excited for The Host?  Do you think that Ronan is a good choice for Melanie?

saoirse ronan

Melanie Stryder?-(image takne from