Ok, I will ‘fess up.  I stole the title of this post from one of Dexter‘s advertising campaigns.  But can you really blame me?  And aren’t you excited about the fact that SEASON SIX starts production in June?  You ARE excited?  What a coincidence, me too!

So I’m about to give you some Dexter-goss but as a true fan I will NOT, I repeat will NOT, divulge any rumours.  I like my Dexter completely unspoiled, thank you very much.

But I do have news.  And good news.  We’ve got a new character on the show!  Our new character, Travis, will appear in all twelve episodes as an ancient artefacts expert…who somehow manages to get entangled in a set of grisly murders happening in our favourite blood-thirsty city, Miami.  Oops!  These poor characters always seem to get messed up with the wrong crowd don’t they?

Either way, this Travis does sound interesting and so far I’ve gotten the vibe that he will be a less-wanky version of Robert Langdon, the super old dude who runs around in Dan Brown’s novels.  See where I’m going with this?

Colin Hanks, who is set to play Travis, has appeared in both independent and big movies, as well as a handful of Spielberg mini-series, including Band of Brothers and, wait for it, Mad Men (OK so it’s not directed by Steven Spielberg…but it IS a very good quality show).

As you can see Colin has a certain charm, but he’s got nothing on our Michael C. Hall.  So we won’t be TOO disappointed if we have to take sides…right?

Since production is coming up so soon I’ll try to blog as many Dexter posts as possible.  I do obsession well when it comes to my favourite ginger-haired, lovable serial-killer.

What do you think?  Excited for the sixth season?  Let me know!

colin hanks

Meet Colin Hanks-(image taken from www3.pictures.gi.zimbio.com)